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All about Premiere Pro Benchmark (PPBM) testing with submitted results plus my results

Since my teammate Harm Millaard past away 29th of March 2016 I have not been able to do much if any updating of the website as it is a very complex configuration so I will start presenting my new test results and test results submitted by users and in some cases my conclusions on this site.

There are three important hardware items in a great video editing computer.  Our tests always have been Hardware tests using Premiere Pro to accomplish the end result of giving you information to build or upgrade your system.  It is not a media evaluation tool but it has four tests which stress test the CPU, GPU and Storage system. We do have a very complex H.264 Timeline that has 8-layers and has 8 different media types including some 4K media.  This exact same set of tests has survived Premiere Pro from CS5 and CS6 up through CC 2017 with out any changes to the timelines.

For historical information I will refer you back to our old site at

To download the benchmark here is the link for the 1 GB "" file.
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Next, I will give you some conditions and parameters about the tests.

PPBM has four tests and the four results (numbers of seconds to complete each export) are saved in a file called "Output.csv"  with the version of Premiere Pro appended to the end the four numbers, here is a typical Output.csv file from my well optimized "desktop" computer
PPBM Table
Now remember that the Microsoft Windows timing clock used for the time stamps on files is a 1 second clock and therefore any short term use of this clock is +/- 1 second.  Because of this +/-1 second variation I run each configuration up to five times to try to average out the scores as you will see. 

CPUIf you want to see CPU's ranked by Premiere Pro processing power click on the CPU button
StorageIf you want to see the write performance of different hard disk drives and SSD storage devices click here.
GPUIf you would like to see performance numbers for different graphics cards click here