CPU's Ranked by CPU Intensive PPBM MPEG2-DVD Score
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Here are a lot of data points gathered from the ppbm7.com results pages.  I am adding more CPU's and comments as time and data allows.  Note the revision date below
CPU rating
Note 1:  These above prices are date of issue prices
  1. Update 1 is showing the Ryzen 7 1700 I also have Ryzen 7 1700X that was nearly the same score (260 seconds) but it was only running at 3.8 GHZ versus the Ryzen 7 1700 running at 3.95 GHz.
  2. Update 2 on 9/10/2017 show the extremely phenominal Threadripper 1950X results

Cores, Threads and Clock results

Here is some new (3/12/2017) data organized by the CPU intensive scores where on my test desktop platform I varied the CPU power by changing the number of cores, threads and CPU clock on my i7-5960X.  It also includes the other 3 PPBM scores with the "fixed" configuration of a Samsung 950 Pro OS/Applications drive, a Samsung 960 Pro Project/Media/Export SSD, two GTX 1060 SC & OC to 2400 MHz GPU's and 64 GB of RAM.
CPU cores, threads and
I just added to the Cores and Threads data with a two core hyperthreaded run, but this time more appropriate Single GPU.